Frequently Asked Auto Insurance Questions! | Clifton Park, NY

At Armor Group Insurance, we want to make vehicle ownership and insuring a vehicle an easy, seamless process from beginning to end. And this week, we are discussing some helpful information to our customers when it comes to ensuring said vehicles. Below, you will find a few frequently asked questions that we hope will help you and inform you further about auto insurance. As always, if you’re still in need of assistance we encourage you to reach out to our team and let us answer any and all questions you may have! 

If I own an older vehicle whose current market value is very low – do I really need automobile insurance?

In most states, insurance laws require drivers to have some form of automobile liability insurance and these laws were designed to protect victims of automobile accidents when their losses are caused by the actions of a negligent individual. 

In most cases, repairing damages of an older vehicle is much greater than its actual value. Under these circumstances, we will typically choose to ‘total’ your vehicle and provide you with a check for your vehicle’s current market value. Many customers choose not to purchase any physical damage coverage for their older model-year vehicles. 

Collision physical damage coverage and comprehensive physical damage coverage – what is the difference?

Collision coverage is explained as a loss you incur when your vehicle collides with another vehicle and/ or object. For example, if you are in a motor vehicle accident with another vehicle in a parking lot, damages will be paid under collision coverage. 

Comprehensive coverage is more for other direct physical damage losses to your vehicle including theft, or physical damage. For example, damage done to your vehicle by weather like hail will be covered under this policy. 

What are the factors that affect the cost of my automobile insurance?

Some factors that can control the cost of your auto insurance are possible for you to control and some are beyond your control. And a number of factors can affect your insurance rate. 

The most common factors of the cost of auto insurance are the type of vehicle you drive, the purpose your vehicle serves, your driving record, and where the vehicle is located when parked. In some cases, even marital status can affect the cost of auto insurance. In fact, stats show that a married couple tends to have fewer and less costly accidents.