Homeowner’s Insurance FAQs| Clifton Park, NY

At Armor Group Insurance, we want to make homeownership and insuring your dream home an easy, seamless process from beginning to end. And this week, we are discussing some helpful information with our customers when it comes to ensuring said home sweet home. Below, you will find a few frequently asked questions that we hope will help you and inform you further about homeowner’s insurance. As always, if you’re still in need of assistance we encourage you to reach out to our team and let us answer any and all questions you may have! 

Q. What Is Homeowners Insurance?

  • Homeowners insurance provides coverage for your private home and compensates you in the event of a loss.
  • Homeowners insurance will help you replace your belongings, repair your home, or even rebuild.

Q. What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

  • Homeowners insurance provides coverage for a range of risks that you may face as a homeowner that otherwise can be financially challenging to cover out of pocket. This includes:
    • Property damage
    • Personal property loss
    • Personal liability
    • Added living costs

Q. How Does Home Insurance Work?

  • Without home insurance, that money has to come out of your pocket. But if you’re insured, you can file a claim to pay for the damage and help rebuild your home. 
  • Your homeowners insurance will also cover theft of your personal belongings, including when you take them with you in your car or while you travel.

Q. Is Homeowners Insurance Required?

  • This is dependent on your state. However, your mortgage lender typically will require coverage in order to provide a home loan. 
  • Even if you own your home outright and you are not required to buy homeowners insurance, it’s still a good idea to protect your investment with an insurance policy. 

Q. When Should I Get Homeowners Insurance?

  • Your mortgage lender will require you to  purchase homeowners insurance before closing on your home. 
  • There are many factors that determine the right insurance coverage – a Armor Insurance Group member can help you compare policies and quotes to find the best coverage for your needs.

Q. How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost?

  • The value of your home and the amount of coverage you buy will largely dictate the amount you will pay for your premiums
  • For more information on the best rates for you, contact a Armor Insurance Group member today!

Q. How Is Homeowners Insurance Paid?

  • You can always pay the insurance company directly for your homeowners policy, but you have other options. 
  • Speak with an Armor Insurance Group member to learn more about your options today

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