Fall Insurance Tips? | Clifton Park, NY

Fall is right around the corner, and with weather conditions changing, right now is the perfect time to get insured if you’re not already. Or, see if there are upgrades or savings you could be taking advantage at Armor Group Insurance. Take a peek below to see what Fall insurance tips you should be considering. And give us a call at (518) 952 – 4296 to learn more about available insurance or have your questions answered today!

Beware of Fall Traffic 

  • It’s almost back-to-school time, which means more traffic, and more traffic means accidents 
  • Whether its a fender bender or a more serious accident, it’s important to file a claim to save you money later 
  • Play safe and make sure your Auto Insurance is up-to-date.

Putting Your Motorcycle Away For Winter 

  • Summer isn’t over yet, but temperatures will start dropping sooner than later here in the Capital District. That means motorcyclists will soon be putting their bikes away for the winter.
  •  If the colder weather will be sidelining your rides, ask your agent about a motorcycle layup policy to help you save on your motorcycle insurance while your bike is in the garage.
  • These policies offer comprehensive coverage, but not the additional coverages you need on the road to help you save money in the offseason.

Renters May Benefit From Flood Insurance

  • If you’re a renter you may think your home is covered by your landlord’s policy. Wrong! 
  • Not only do you need your own insurance to protect your personal property and liability while living in a rental, you’ll also want to consider flood insurance. 
  • Like homeowners insurance, renters insurance does not cover damage from floods. Talk with your Armor Group Insurance agent about what is and isn’t covered under your renters insurance policy to avoid any surprises. 

Keep Your Property Safe During Halloween 

  • Are you a homeowner? Did you know you could find yourself paying a pretty penny if a trick-or-treater falls on your property? 
  • Luckily, your homeowners or renters insurance policies will likely cover this, as long as you are not considered negligent
  • Contact Armor Group Insurance to make sure your covered

Keep Your Gutters Clean

  • The changing leaves are pretty, but once they fall it’s important to clean your gutters. 
  • This fall chore is too important to skip. If there is damage to your house related to your gutters and you neglected to maintain them, your claim could be denied by your homeowners insurance.